Información sobre seguridad y medio ambiente


This information is addressed to suppliers, contractors, transporters, and external visitors who go to Carlo Nobili S.p.A. Rubinetterie.

The main risks present in the plant are indicated, along with the related emergency management procedures. The document was drawn up in compliance with the provisions of article 26 of Legislative Decree 81/2008, and provides information on the risks for health and safety, as well as for the environment, existing in the workplace of Carlo Nobili S.p.A. Rubinetterie, the rules of conduct and emergency procedures that must be known and respected are indicated.


Any person outside the company organization is required to identify themselves and move within the company always and only under the supervision of their internal contact person. It is the responsibility of the safety officers to ensure that all activities take place in such a way as to guarantee the safety and health of people, as well as the protection of the environment.

The general rules of conduct which suppliers, carriers or external visitors must comply with within Carlo Nobili S.p.A. are listed below:

• Always be recognized and notified of your entry and exit from the establishment;
• Do not transit independently within the factory without authorisation;
• Never travel at more than 30 km/h within the company perimeter and maintain a "walking pace" in the transition areas between the sheds or in the work areas;
• The vehicles must be parked in the areas indicated by the internal supervisors and their contacts;
• In the absence of Nobili personnel, wait for them to arrive without going into the departments;
• It is mandatory to respect the ban on smoking and consuming food inside the establishments;
• Never obstruct the maneuvering areas during loading and unloading operations, asking your contact person and the operator where to position yourself;
• Do not undertake any initiative without the authorization of the company manager;
• Do not leave the engine of your vehicle running in order to limit noise and emissions into the atmosphere;
• Never approach company equipment without authorization and supervision;
• Never stand near the shelves, and stay at least 5m away from operators intent on loading or unloading them;
• The vehicles must be suitable for the type of goods to be transported;
• Pallets and/or containers must be intact and suitable for the size and weight of the goods to be transported and stored;
• The work equipment present inside the plant is reserved exclusively for employees of Carlo Nobili S.p.A.;
• The PPE or equipment used, and made available by one's employer, must comply with the hygiene and safety regulations in force;
• It is forbidden to use chains or ropes to unload the goods without the necessary skills and training;
• Employees of the supplier, the transporter, or the external visitor, will receive from their employer all the means and safety devices and personal protective equipment suitable for the type of intervention and the risks present in the work area;
• Respect hygiene in the areas in which he will operate and keep his equipment tidy and clean and the workplace free;
• Use the dedicated toilets and common areas within the company with criteria of hygiene and decorum;
• Do not take photographs or shoot videos without the approval of the Nobili contact person.


Emergency reporting

When an anomalous state of the systems, a loss of product, or a fire is detected in the company, the company personnel must be immediately notified. The aforementioned personnel, after evaluating the anomaly, if they deem it necessary, activate the local or general emergency reporting procedure, according to the following procedures.

Early warning

The pre-alarm signal is an alternating siren sound.


The general pre-alarm is activated when one of the following conditions occurs:

• manual activation of one of the emergency buttons distributed throughout the plant;
• activation of one of the smoke sensors present in the carton warehouses;
• activation of one of the smoke sensors in the thermoplastic department.

General evacuation order

The general evacuation alarm is activated when one of the following conditions occurs:

• manual operation of two emergency buttons distributed throughout the plant;
• manual operation of an emergency button in the office building;
• activation of one of the smoke sensors in the office building;
• activation of two or more smoke sensors present in the carton warehouses or in the thermoplastic department;
• activation of one of the smoke sensors present in the carton warehouses or in the thermoplastic department and simultaneously pressing an emergency button;
• if the pre-alarm signal is not silenced, from the control panel located on the switchboard or from the fire-fighting switchboard in the car, within 3 minutes;
• activation of one of the general evacuation buttons on the switchboard, near the multi-spindle department door and near the CNC turning department door.

The general evacuation signal is a continuous siren sound.


This involves the interruption of containment or extinguishing actions and the immediate abandonment of the environments by all personnel.

The collection point is located at the north entrance to the plant, indicated by a special "safe place" sign.

The supplier, transporter, or external visitor must have been adequately informed or, if necessary, trained on internal emergency management procedures and, if necessary, on first aid and fire prevention.

In the event of an emergency, the behaviors to follow in relation to the situations indicated above are:

• immediately notify the manager and/or personnel of Carlo Nobili S.p.A. any dangerous or emergency situation, refraining from taking initiatives;
• cross the nearest emergency exit, taking the shortest route to reach it, going to the meeting point (safe place), and following the instructions of the internal emergency staff.

In the Nobili areas, the emergency and evacuation plan is displayed and the floor plans are also posted with information relating to the emergency indicated.

Behaviors to maintain during an emergency

• Remain calm and scrupulously follow the instructions of your internal contact person;
• Avoid transmitting panic to other people;
• Leave immediately, following the escape routes, and using the shortest route;
• Do not re-enter the building until normal conditions are restored.


• The abandonment and deposit of waste is absolutely prohibited;
• The supplier, the transporter, or the external visitor, must respect the differentiated waste collection within the company using the appropriate containers;
• The lighting of fires, or the creation of possible sources of combustion, also due to the induced or indirect effects of any substance, is strictly prohibited;
• The supplier, the transporter, or the external visitor must never pour substances down drains or water drains;
• It is forbidden to pour or fill tanks, underground or above ground containers, containment tanks, whether empty or partially full, owned by Carlo Nobili S.p.A. with waste or surplus substances and materials deriving from material unloading or vehicle maintenance activities;
• Various anti-spill kits are located throughout the company; if necessary, notify the emergency team for their correct use.


For all those who carry out work or deliveries at carlo Nobili S.p.A. there is an obligation to wear safety footwear, and if necessary: goggles, gloves, masks, overalls, etc. ... All PPE for outdoor use is the responsibility of the respective employer. The main risks present in the company are listed below:

Vehicle circulation

Means of transport on wheels operate throughout the area of the plant. It is necessary to pay the utmost attention both inside and outside the departments, and in particular near the access doors. The use of forklifts by unauthorized personnel is strictly prohibited.

The maximum speed on the internal roads is 30 kmh, while in the vicinity of the transition areas between the warehouses a walking pace must be maintained.


The risk of fire is present in all areas of Carlo Nobili S.p.A., but in a more critical form in areas: Dust extraction system for cleaning department, Paper and cardboard packaging warehouse, Switchboards and electrical transformation substations, Thermal power plants, Thermoplastic warehouse, Chemicals warehouse.

Smoking or the use of equipment generating open flames without authorization is prohibited throughout the company.


Inside the plant there are machinery and equipment that produce noise whose threshold is on average less than 85 dB. There are some areas with noise above 85 dB where the use of hearing protectors is required by specific signs.


In the plant, especially in the galvanic department, there is a high risk linked to the presence of chemical substances. These substances can be both in the form of liquid (in tanks or tanks) and in solid form (in bags, baskets, pallets, or crates). They may include acids, bases, carcinogenic or flammable substances, etc. It is absolutely forbidden to touch any object, and to access the systems or in their vicinity without authorization and supervision.


In all departments there are moving machinery. In particular, in the mechanical machining departments (CNC, transfer, multi-spindle, workshop) there are metal working machines. In the foundry and thermoplastic molding departments, materials at high temperatures are present.

It is absolutely forbidden to approach or even touch any object or machinery. Furthermore, in the foundry department there is a moderate risk of slipping due to a slight deposit on the sand floor from the processing of the casting cores.


The risk of electrocution is present throughout the establishment as there are electrical installations of machinery and equipment. There are also medium to low voltage transformer substations, and an inverter substation serving the photovoltaic system.

It is forbidden for anyone to operate on live machinery. Electrical work must only be carried out by suitably trained personnel.

Materials falling from above

There are loads positioned on shelves at heights of over two meters in the plant: personnel must pay the utmost attention if they work near such shelves. It is forbidden to stop or transit in the vicinity of forklifts intent on loading and unloading operations.


In the event of non-compliance with the provisions of this document, or in any case in the event of unauthorized behavior that may create risks for people or equipment, appropriate measures will be taken for the seriousness of the cases, up to removal from the production unit.


Company name: CARLO NOBILI S.p.A. Rubinetterie

Employer: Alberto Nobili

HSE manager: Raffaele Garraffo