April, 2024

The new Respiro series, the latest Nobili wonder designed by Jese Medina-Suarez.

Jese Medina-Suarez has developed an expertise in hospitality and food + beverage design, but his experience stretches across multiple sectors such as residential, aviation, retail and workplace projects. After studying engineering in Spain, architecture and interiors in Italy, and branding in Australia, he has spent the last 15 years living and working in London, Paris, Milan, Singapore, Melbourne and now Dubai, where he has designed projects in all five inhabited continents and has explored the blurred boundaries between the hospitality world and other design sectors. He has worked for several high-profile clients and brands such as Four Seasons, St Regis, Conrad, Intercontinental, Jumeirah, British Airways and Hakkasan to name just a few. He has worldwide experience across all aspects of interior projects, from concept design to final construction. His distinctive approach hinges on his expertise on the meaning of brand in architecture and interiors, bringing brand strategy and powerful storytelling to the very core of the design process, often informing the design of important additional design layers such as artwork, signage, menus, uniforms, tabletops, and scents.

There are places in the world capable of making us feel good, of giving us serenity, of completely rejuvenating us. They are places where we can sense the vital energy. They are spaces that manage to show us their essence, through a gentle harmony of environments, furniture, and objects. Here, design is a silent language, but incredibly powerful, capable of touching the deepest chords of the human psyche. This happens when a delicate balance between diversity and discretion is achieved, when art speaks to everyone without raising its voice and knows how to be bold without ever appearing intrusive. Thus, a faucet that embraces such philosophy does not just occupy a space: it breathes with it, making it not only an environment to admire but a place with a soul, an experience to deeply live.