The thermostatic mixer: when and why it can make the difference in the bathroom


May, 2022

Synonymous with innovation at the service of comfort, the thermostatic mixer is a staple in the most modern and refined bathroom environments.

The thermostatic mixer is an eloquent example of innovation at the service of comfort and safety in the bathroom. On a technical level, the thermostatic mixer represents the evolution of the traditional one, present in the bathrooms and kitchens of millions of Italians. While the latter applies a static mixing of the two incoming water flows to obtain the desired temperature, the concept that distinguishes the thermostatic mixer is the continuous mixing control.

An example could clarify any perplexity. It happens to everyone, in fact, to have difficulties in regulating the flow of the shower at the optimum temperature and to go from one that is too high to a particularly cold one. Or, a less common but significant case, to experience sudden changes in temperature when the water supply is activated in other areas of the house (kitchen, other bathroom, laundry).

Thanks to a very sensitive thermostatic valve - in technical words "thermostatic cartridge", as in the case of the Nobili Thermotech thermostatic cartridge - the thermostatic mixer dynamically modulates the flows of cold and hot water to react and compensate for differences in temperature and pressure while using a bathtub or, more commonly, a shower. The user simply sets the desired temperature (in degrees centigrade) and the strength of the water flow, after which you can enjoy the pleasant sensations of a moment dedicated to yourself and to your well-being. The thermostatic mixer takes care of the rest. It is not by coincidence that, in case of renovations or new installations, it is a strongly and commonly recommended choice to all those who care about their well-being.


There are several types of thermostatic mixer on the market. As anticipated, the preferential installation is the bathroom, and particularly in the shower, but it is also used quite frequently in bathtubs, especially if it is possible to switch to the shower through a special handset. The thermostatic mixer is less common with sinks and, above all, in the kitchen, where it could still be integrated effectively, though.

Considering the most common application, in the shower, thermostatic mixers are of two types: external and built-in. The former has a horizontal body connected to the hot and cold water systems and incorporate two knobs at the ends: temperature and water flow. Some advanced models take advantage of the "cold body" technology, as in the case of the Nobili Thice thermostatic mixer, that is, they prevent the body from overheating excessively, causing unpleasant sensations or even burns.

For an extra touch of class, there are the built-in thermostatic mixers, leaving only the control panel visible. In this case, the differences between the various models are in the design, which can give the environment extraordinary levels of elegance, the methods of controlling the temperature and flow, but above all the water supply routes. In fact, the external panel acts as a control center for the entire shower and can divert the supply from the shower head to a hand shower, but also to any side hydromassage jets, with the aim of maximizing the user's well-being.


So, let's review the main benefits of the thermostatic mixer, underlining how it can be an ideal choice for your shower and, overall, for your home.

• Comfort

Regulating the temperature just once and making sure it stays that way throughout its use, promotes that pleasant feeling of relaxation and well-being that we want to experience in the shower.

• Safety

It has already been mentioned that some models, by isolating the hot water circle, control and manage the temperature of the body so avoiding burns. The same applies to the water temperature, where an anti-scald mechanism prevents it from exceeding 38 degrees. This limit can be exceeded by the user, but always and only at his choice.

• Consumption under control

Without having to continuously adjust the flow of temperature, this has a major impact on water consumption. In addition, the system quickly returns to the desired temperature after interruptions: this means being able to suspend the water supply until rinsing, being certain of not having to waste time (and water) to restore the desired temperature. Not wasting water turns into greater sustainability in the environment and, which is anything but secondary, in less expensive bills.


There are various types and models of thermostatic mixer on the market, this can create an understandable embarrassment of choice. We suggest some parameters to follow:

• Design

The ability to combine form and function distinguishes the best thermostatic mixers. Design is essential for choosing the product that best suits your needs, but it must be coordinated with the quality of the materials and finishes, many elements that enhance the aesthetics of the product but also have an impact on the duration and quality of the water supply.

• Ergonomics

Another aspect to focus the attention on is the ergonomic character of the product. In addition to the aesthetic impact, the practical and immediate easy use count.

• Optional features

Anti-scald mechanisms, water flow limiters, warm / cold body technology and touch selectors are features which can assist the choice.

• Warranty

Although mandatory, the warranty period and its extension are clear indications of the quality of the product.