Carlo Nobili S.p.A., a leading company in the production of sanitary fittings, thanks to the use of extremely advanced technologies, applied to an increasingly complete and integrated production cycle within the Suno Technology Center, has always been characterized by be a precursor in the protection of aspects related to the environment and safety in the workplace.

In fact, the continuous investments in the most advanced automation, the constant search for cutting-edge solutions, and the high professionalism of the staff, have multiple effects: the creation of increasingly beautiful, efficient and eco-sustainable products, with the possibility of operating in working environments that guarantee maximum safety for operators, together with the highest environmental performance.

The commitment of the management in the continuous search for improvement is the determining factor for the quality of corporate life, the maintenance of very high safety standards, and the systematic eco-sustainable development of both production processes and products.

This company philosophy is embodied in the following management principles:

• Express the desire to reconcile the needs of economic development with the maintenance of safety requirements, always with the utmost attention to environmental protection.

• Implement, document and always proactively maintain the integrated management system in accordance with the applicable environmental and safety regulatory requirements, as well as the reference standards UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 and UNI ISO 45001: 2018.

• Promote the dissemination of the culture of safety and the environment to all staff, while at the same time improving the corporate image towards the outside world.

• Explain and share with internal and external interested parties, such as employees, collaborators, suppliers, customers, institutions and citizens, the management principles, objectives, and results of the integrated management system.

• Respect the applicable mandatory legislation, the reference standards and company procedures.

• Constantly developing processes and technologies in order to reduce the impact on the environment and the risks to the health and safety of people.

• Manage business activities in order to ensure an ever better relationship between the use of raw materials and production performance, optimizing energy consumption, and increasing the use of eco-sustainable and recyclable materials where possible.

• Pay increasing attention to climate change, working with a view to its mitigation, in order to protect biodiversity and ecosystems.

• Promote waste management oriented towards its reduction and reuse.

• Raise awareness and involve staff, constantly increasing the level of awareness, encouraging participation in system activities. Apply the principle according to which every single contribution is precious for continuous improvement.

The Management undertakes to make adequate resources and means available to achieve the set objectives, in terms of economic and financial resources, competence, equipment, information, and to verify its implementation and adequacy on an annual basis.

Suno, 15/06/2022

Alberto Nobili

Raffaele Garraffo
HSE manager