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Even the most rational and efficient company in the industry, a leader in the automation of production equipment, cannot ignore the most important value: people. Every single Nobili product is the result of individual excellence, best expressed through a culture of mutual respect, in a working environment made for people.


At Nobili, the only European company with a fully integrated production cycle, we know how important people are: the direct and continuous connection between all departments and the philosophy of teamwork allow us to gather continuous experience and, at the same time, enhance individual skills, promoting both professional and personal growth.


Healthy settings have always been a priority: people work better in a healthy, clean and comfortable space, knowing their health is protected, which, in turn, leads to higher product quality. Spacious and bright working areas, green spaces, air filtration systems, canteen areas and much more... This is "real" evidence of the attention and respect paid to the quality of life of all the workers.


Our work team is proud to be part of totally Italian and sustainable company that is one-of-a-kind in the sector: the new area under construction, where a building of high architectural quality will be built to house the management and administrative offices, will be flanked by a large park dedicated to all employees, for work breaks in total relaxation.


Do you feel attracted by the passion with which we create the best water technology every day? If the answer is yes, then you have what it takes to be part of the Nobili universe, an Italian excellence in continuous expansion, the result of the will to invest and believe in the product, in the territory and, above all, in people: check the open positions or just send us your CV, we are waiting for you!