Quality policy

The General Management defines the Quality Policy through the documentation of objectives and commitments, made according to company strategies aimed at both customers and the market, so that quality management system performances are implemented, maintained and improved, ensuring compliance with the applicable regulatory and mandatory requirements.

With this document, the Management intends to define and diffuse the approach that must guide the actions of individuals involved in various company activities, inspiring and directing their behaviour in the pursuit of the established objectives.

In order to pursue and maintain a commitment focused on the customer’s expectations, the company is consistently committed to:

  • Regularly determining, understanding and satisfying the needs of its customers and complying with the applicable mandatory requirements, by developing products that have been designed and made to meet the customer’s needs, so as to anticipate expectations and provide solutions that create added value
  • Determining and addressing the risks and opportunities that can influence the conformity of products and services, and the ability to improve customer satisfaction
  • Maintaining a focus on improved customer satisfaction

In order to accomplish its objectives in terms of continual improvement, the company intends to:

  • Supply products that meet the needs and expectations of the customer in line with leading national and international practices, in compliance with all current legislative requirements
  • Ensure the persistent improvement in company efficiency and pursue continuous improvement through the implementation of standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, by utilising and developing the Quality Management System as an instrument for the fulfilment of objectives
  • Focus activities on customer satisfaction through a fast and efficient service, so as to assert the company's position as a market leader
  • Ensure that the Quality Policy is communicated, understood and applied throughout the company, as well as being made available to the relevant parties involved, as appropriate
  • Diffuse the appropriate culture and methodologies throughout the organisation, so that all individuals are constantly able to provide the customer with the best possible service

The company has determined the external and internal factors relevant to its goals and strategic directions that may influence its ability to achieve the expected results from its Quality Management System.

This assessment is included in the Risk and Opportunity Analysis Matrix document, from which the Quality Objectives and the Corporate Improvement Plan are derived.

In the definition of risks and opportunities, the aspects of continued investments in machinery/equipment were confirmed, in order to maintain the company in a leading position in the sanitary fittings sector. Furthermore, in order to improve management and organisational aspects, the process of updating the current management system is being finalised.

In order to meet the above-mentioned objectives, the Management undertakes to make available adequate resources and means in terms of skills, information, economic and financial resources, verifying their implementation and adequacy on an annual basis.

Suno, January 14, 2021

Alberto Nobili

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