Pure minimalism, pure technology, pure freedom. Velis eliminates the superfluous and returns to the essential, through a modern and timeless line: the Nobili Widd® full immersion cartridge (in its most recent version with axial mixing) allows an unprecedented and extraordinary balance between style and progress.


The excellence of our research and development laboratories has produced the full-immersion Nobili Widd® 34-millimetre cartridge with axial movement, which can revolutionise the structure of traditional mixers by eliminating the side cartridge block and giving life to an extremely clear, streamlined profile.



A pure and linear architecture in an enchanting landscape - balanced between the sea and the sky, immersed in warm daylight, a private haven dedicated to the most intimate and spiritual well-being. Style harmony and contemporary technology underlie a deeply simplicity-oriented character: an innovative vision of the concept of mixer.

An absolutely formal language expresses the sinuosity of the Velis project and is reflected in the lightest inner order. Always providing cold water to start with eliminates CO2 emissions: combined with the retractable aerator with flow limited to 5 litres per minute, it represents the highest expression of technological research in the entire sector.

The gleaming, polished finish of Velis is guaranteed by chrome plating values higher than the market standard. The Inox shade provides a clean and impeccable style, accentuating the minimalist design of the mixer. All the surface treatments are carried out in our own factories, in full compliance with environmental standards.

The wide range of Zen accessories makes it possible to care for the bathroom and keep it tidy, evoking the minimalist style of the tapware features and creating modern, elegant atmospheres in total harmony with the architecture of the room.



A unique atmosphere, that delicately embraces and accompanies the evening. It is the time for inner relaxation: looking to the horizon and contemplating the magic of feeling at home. Different visual dialogues between the furniture shades create the most suitable style: line clarity and strict geometry create timeless profiles and incredibly streamlined shapes.

The pure expression of art can be seen in a very broad range of models and surface finishes, in the light of the greatest freedom in design. The spectacular new Red canyon PVD finish authoritatively dominates the setting, the absolute star of the most intimate well-being set against the colours of sunset.

Velis comes in three spectacular PVD shades: Nickel, Red canyon and Diamond smoke. Extremely bright and flashy, they ensure high technical performance thanks to a state-of-the-art, scratch and wear-resistant surface treatment, ideal for preserving the mixer's spectacular appearance.

Innovative method for finishes that allows the creation of very high quality surfaces in terms of aesthetics (uniformity, flexibility, range and brilliance of colours) and in terms of resistance to abrasion and maintenance of aesthetic characteristics over time, for full customer satisfaction.


Looking at the starry sky restores harmony between the body and mind and is an invitation to fall into a sweet, relaxing sleep. Night comes, silence falls, dreams are lit up. The advanced design of Velis is lightly combined in the wash basin par excellence: iconic style, firm character, an active participant in the overall vision.

An intimate and reserved environment dedicated to pure personal well-being. A modern and attractive Diamond smoke PVD finish prepares you for the night's rest. The serenity and efficiency of thermostatic mixing increases comfort and enhances the pleasure of a gentle, enveloping shower with a beneficial and regenerating character.

The Wellbox flush fit thermostatic mixer is both smart and versatile: a 38 °C safety cut-out prevents the risk of burns in the event of cold water suddenly running out; moreover, the mixer can be installed on plasterboard, either vertically or horizontally, and can be connected to the water pipes on the left side or on the right.


Velis is also available in an automatic version, with fixed or adjustable water temperature: the infrared sensor avoids direct contact with the mixer and makes hand washing more hygienic. When hands are placed near it, the mixer automatically releases water: as soon as it no longer detects any movement, the flow stops completely autonomously.

Component after component, Velis comes to life in the Mechanical Processing departments of the Nobili Technology Centre, the most efficient complex in the entire sector, designed to support constant growth and to offer the market a high quality standard with a very low environmental impact.


The purity of Velis is the inspirational muse of the dedicated information literature: the innovative axial technology, hidden under the cover flap, anticipates a modern and linear architecture, balanced between sky and sea. An essential narrative abandons the superfluous and tells the story of the collection through the passing of time, alongside the presentation of the different finishes.

  • Chrome
  • Nickel PVD
  • Inox
  • Diamond smoke PVD
  • Red canyon PVD


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