September, 2020

Impeccable finishes, lasting quality: PVD treatment.

PVD (an acronym for Physical Vapour Deposition) treatment is an innovative process for surface finishes. At Carlo Nobili’s premises, it relies on two state-ofthe-art technologies, one is the cathodic arc deposition and the second is the magnetron sputtering deposition. The technology of the cathodic arc deposition process uses an electric arc to vaporise the metal from a cathode target. In the magnetron sputtering process, ionised argon plasma physically erodes the cathode via micro collisions. The purpose of using this specific process for making finishes on Carlo Nobili Rubinetterie products is to create our top quality surfaces of a very high aesthetic quality (uniformity, flexibility, range and brightness of colours), outstanding resistance to abrasion and preservation of aesthetic features over time. The type of materials used for this production process are for sure the best available in this sector of the market, with an extreme and a very high degree of purity. Zirconium, titanium and chromium are the most frequently used metals, whereas argon, nitrogen, acetylene and oxygen are used as sputtering gases. The adoption of the innovative PVD process allows us to manufacture formally perfect products, which are destined to keep their aesthetic characteristics over time and to guarantee shiny and glazed surfaces for many, many years, for an utmost satisfaction of all our customers.