Refined simplicity, new proportions capable of overturning the most traditional logic. Sole represents the perfect synthesis between technology and style, a combination capable of giving life to a unique mixer, which never gets boring thanks to its extreme essentiality: complex to build, simple to live.

Inspired by the pipe archetype and the world of industrial hydraulic closures, Sole is an original synthesis of design and technological innovation: axial mixing in its most advanced form means the control knob can be positioned at the end of the dispensing spout.

Pure avant-garde: the excellence of our research and development laboratories has produced the full-immersion Nobili Widd® 34-millimetre cartridge with axial movement, which can revolutionise the structure of traditional mixers by eliminating the side cartridge block and giving life to an extremely clear, streamlined profile.



An oasis of peace, for an utmost relax in the green landscape of the Paneveggio Natural Park - Pale di San Martino: a world made of water, rock and forest, in the heart of the Dolomites: nature and human activity are balanced in this protected area, which straddles eastern Trentino and Veneto.

The main ingredient is the presence of minimalist and open environments: spaces without barriers, where the “less is more” philosophy allows you to seek purity and enhance every single element. The rooms are simple and carefully balanced: each area, integrated within a single design, creates cohesion between all the functions of “living at home”. Through the large glass surfaces, internal and external space communicate continuously, which is further emphasized by the continuous changes in the light throughout the day that create a wonderful feeling of inner peace and balance of the senses.

The home’s layout is developed on a single floor, where the watchword is simplicity: in terms of raw materials (the coldness of the cement is contrasted by the wooden furnishings, which make the environment warm and welcoming) and style, in an interior inspired by Scandinavian design, characterized by few furnishings, pure lines and neutral colours.

Linearity, essential and natural materials: the choice falls on elements with simple profiles, which in their purity enhance the beauty of the most authentic form. Neutral and homogeneous colours, dark shades that can widen spaces and modify light, give life to silent environments that preserve their most intimate and personal soul.

Silent and isolated, in contact with an unspoilt natural environment: Casa Meraviglia is an expression of stylistic elegance, composition order, refinement and balance between the parts. The project seeks essence and purity through a combination of raw materials (wood and cement) in harmonious contrast.

The volume contains a large living area (which includes a living room, library and play area, bathroom, dining section) and a sleeping area (bedroom, en-suite bathroom, fitness area and toilet), in addition to the external porch (relaxation area and refreshment): every single room offers a natural visual contact with the surrounding forest.


Pure and elegant: the Inox brushed finish, with silver and opaque tones and an industrial character, is synonymous with refined minimalism and timeless charm. The living area develops around the double-sided sofa, which allows people to sit on both sides, separated from the dining area by a travertine block with a pure and minimalist charm.

Beyond the fireplace with a rare character, a smoked glass door separates the living room from the first bathroom, which has a double, free standing basin near the entrance, with a view of the forest and the surrounding mountains, and a reserved toilet area with countertop washbasin and ceramic sanitary ware.

Three-hole, tall, floor standing, wall-mounted (single control or three-hole) and ceiling-mounted models are available, in addition to the traditional version. A custom-made extension is available on request for ceiling-mounted taps, in order to meet the different needs of each architectural project.

Considerable water and energy savings: Sole installs the Neoperl® aerator as standard. With a reduced flow rate of 5 litres per minute, it guarantees a full-bodied water flow despite reduced water consumption. Opening the cold water supply prevents accidentally starting the boiler and therefore the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


Deep and decisive: with its iconic and high-tech style, the Grafite PVD brushed finish, with an intense “cool” and “dark” character, is the absolute protagonist of the room. A few steps lead to the sleeping area, on the upper level, which includes a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, wardrobe and, in a separate room, a toilet.

The main and most striking feature is the bed in the middle of the room, which reaches out to the sky through an enchanting opening on the ceiling, ideal for closing your eyes under a starry sky. It is surrounded by large windows that let natural light in and offer a pleasant view of the landscape. There is also an en-suite bathroom (double washbasin with ceiling-mounted tap and free-standing bathtub on the sides, walk-in shower at the back, on a lower level, with a minimalist and contemporary design).

Available in all the finishes of the collection and suitable for both the wall and ceiling arm, the stainless steel swivel shower head is designed with the same style of the mixing knob: the generous diameter (290 millimetres) delivers a precise and uniform rain jet thanks to the internal subdivision of the water flow channels.

The single jet hand shower dedicated to the Sole range, made of brass and available in all the collection’s finishes, has a diameter of 90 millimetres: the handle in matte black plastic material perfectly matches the accompanying rubber hose, which also has a matte black finish.


Sophisticated and original: the Caffè brushed finish, with warm and refined tones, evokes the shades of ancient bronze, adding a delicate shade of colour to the room. An additional space dedicated to personal well-being has been created next to the shower, with a wall-mounted washbasin and toilet.

A large countertop can be used to store various accessories, including the soap dispenser and the free standing cup. The flush fit single control shower, installed next to the toilet, is equipped with a convenient single jet hand shower with opening and closing button, and a 100-centimetre hose.

Allbox, the universal built-in body for wall-mounted single-lever axial washbasin, is compatible with mixers equipped with the revolutionary Nobili Widd® 2020 total immersion cartridge and axial movement: a technological jewel that defines an epochal change in the design of designer taps, allowing entry, the regulation of flow rate and temperature and the water outlet on the same axis, giving life to mixers characterized by essential lines and extreme stylistic minimalism.

Available in all the finishes of Sole, the wide range of Zen accessories makes it possible to care for the bathroom and keep it tidy, evoking the minimalist style of the tapware features and creating modern, elegant atmospheres in total harmony with the architecture of the room.



Evocative and embracing: the Argilla PVD brushed finish, with vibrant red notes, gives warmth to the environment, bringing luxury and elegance to mind. Outside, the beauty of the natural environment can be fully enjoyed on the porch, which is ideal for dining in company or for reading a book, surrounded by the sounds and scents of the forest.

A second walk-in shower with a simple and elegant style is perfect for pleasantly refreshing in the open air on summer evenings: the 2-way flush fit single lever mixer is combined with the wall-mounted shower head and the shower set with water intake, equipped with a single jet hand shower and flexible 150 cm matte black rubber hose.

For the shower environment, Sole allows you to choose between single control or thermostatic mixing: the external parts are available both for the 2-way and 3-way Techbox single control universal body, and for the Wellbox thermostatic universal body, with the possibility of 1- to 4-way configuration.


As an alternative to the swivel shower head, the Sole range also includes the wall-mounted shower head with integrated arm: made of brass and available in all the finishes of the collection, it is particularly suitable for creating a shower configuration with a highly modern and minimalist appearance.


Sole brings light into the bathroom with its balanced combination of design and technology. The cover of this catalogue has been treated with luminescent ink: in the absence of light, the printed elements become bright and visible, giving life to a new and exciting wonder. Leafing through the pages, the narrative presents the collection through the Casa Meraviglia project, dividing the story into four areas, each dedicated to a single finish: Living Area (Acciaio, brushed), Sleeping Area (Grafite, PVD brushed), Toilet (Caffè, brushed) and Porch (Argilla, PVD brushed).

  • Inox brushed
  • Grafite brushed PVD
  • Caffè brushed
  • Argilla brushed PVD


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