September, 2020

Maniacal precision and high machining speed, an expression of pure technological advancement: the CNC multi-axis turning centre.

The company’s production system has 120 plants split into 4 production departments (numerical control and high speed multi-axis turning centre, multispindle, transfer and workshop). These resources produce 130,000 components per day, using 1,800,000 kg of brass bars every year: placed in a row, they would cover a distance of 8,000 km. Depending on the final item, the machining is done on rods or bars with circular, square, rectangular or hexagonal section, with diameters between 8 and 80 millimetres. There’s no waste and no harm to the environment: excess shavings and refrigerating oil are recovered, and powerful extraction systems absorb all fumes and the processing dust. All these operating phases are controlled by an integrated electronic system that directs precisely the movements and functions of the tools according to a well-defined work program: these operations are carried out independently, without the intervention or support of a human operator. The precision of the result, determined by the continuous measurement of the position of the machine’s moving parts and by the controlled drive of the actuators that govern the movement so as to position the machining tool at a precise point of the stroke, is one of the elements for which our Nobili collections are chosen for the most prestigious homes and hotels all around the world.