September, 2020

The only fully automated plant in the industry: the Foundry department, the pride and joy of the Nobili technology.

One of the areas, together with the turning department, where everything takes shape is the foundry, whose efficiency must be absolute because it lays the foundations for all subsequent processing operations. In Italy, the copper alloys casting sector has long been lacking in investments and research, and the foundry remains, for most companies, an artisanal process, devoted exclusively to manual skills and, therefore, poorly automated. Carlo Nobili Rubinetterie, instead, has had a low pressure robotic department managed by skilled workers since 2013. Here, seven forming machines make the sand cores which are distributed to six melting islands. The liquid metal is injected into the moulds at a temperature of above 1,000°C. The products then move onto a ramp-belt shot blasting machine which, with a mechanical shaking action and with a continuous jet of micro-spheres, accurately removes the sand residue. The last phase involves cutting the castings: six robotic islands separate the individual pieces and remove any excess. All the brass parts removed are then re-inserted in the process as closed-cycle raw material, reducing material waste to zero. Even sand becomes a raw material for companies in the construction sector. Finally, the fumes produced by melting the metal are sucked and filtered through blast chillers, which then return only absolutely pure air into the atmosphere.