Style race


September, 2018

Ever wondered how crazy it would be to go for a run decked out in your best formalwear? It’s the Gentlemen’s Running.

Gentlemen’s running: in a nutshell, a race run by two hundred people, some young and others young at heart, comprising men, women and children, who have accepted the invitation to brave 6 kilometres sporting an elegant, sophisticated outfit topped off by a bow tie - the highlight of the competition pack - and enhanced by the stark contrast with their sports shoes.

Following the success of the original and engaging non-competitive (...and if anything, decisively auto-ironic) race in 2017, it was repeated on 15 September 2018. This time it took place on the shores of Lake Orta, against a breathtaking background: going from from piazza Unità d’Italia to San Maurizio d’Opaglio, the heterogeneous group of participants - mostly sporting enthusiasts with a particular penchant for their outfits - tackled the race in various ways, some running it at the front and others walking at a leisurely pace, and chatting with their friends and fellow dawdlers. In both cases, fun was the name of the game. Photos were taken of each participant and published on the Gentlemen’s running Facebook page. This way, the outfits worn could be judged in a contest where the runner whose outfit scored the most likes was proclaimed the winner. At the end of the event, Piazza Motta in Pella was the stunning backdrop for the podium that hosted the top three overall places, as well as the top three women and children, who all received various titles with regard to styling and wellness.

The «deus ex machina» of the event was hairstylist William Raffaele from Piedmont, known in the industry as the winner of the Color&Creative section during the International Hair Show held in Barcelona in 2016, one of the most important global events in the world of hair styling. Having interrupted his sporting past, as a dedicated mountain biker and runner, to focus on his countless professional commitments, including the launch of his own hair boutique, favoured by VIPs and people in the entertainment business, his many partnerships in the fashion industry, runway shows and photo shoots, he tells us: «This was what made me start to think about organising a sporting event that would bring together the worlds of sport and fashion. Nevertheless, before the project could become reality, I had to wait until the end of May 2017, when the first edition of Gentlemen’s running took place, along the streets of Borgomanero, departing from my shop and passing through the main roads of the city, along a total route of about 3.5 kilometres».

It was an immediate success: running in an elegant outfit has thrilled the numerous participants to the point that, thanks to the social network grapevine and word of mouth, in 2018 it became well-known enough to attract important partnerships, including the one with our very own company. For the occasion, we designed a tribute that would link the institutional mission and vision of Nobili to the spirit of the event, by recapping the concept of absolute elegance linked to water, which is one of the main strengths of our collections.

What is the reason for the success of this event, whose premises really seem to lay the foundations for an even bigger growth? «Take a fashion lover and tell them to run in an elegant outfit: it will seem as if they are modelling and doing sport at the same time - William Raffaele underlines - vice versa, if you give a sport lover a bow tie and tell them to run, his competitive spirit will emerge and he will be modelling at the same time: this is the idea behind Gentlemen’s running». Today, the event has become a format, and various dates have already been planned for 2019 in different suggestive Italian locations including Cremona, Lake Maggiore, Lake Como and again Lake Orta. The gentlemen running will continue to increase in number and in enthusiasm, proof that the union of sport and style, elegance and healthy competition, is truly a winning formula thanks to the ability to combine style and fun, involving people of different age.