The village of emotions


September, 2019

A dream among the vineyards of Romagna: Borgo Condè Wine Resort is a magical place where time stands still.

Gazing at the soft hills, which offer a new look at the world with its natural nuances that follow the season, fulfills the senses and the spirit. This is the location of Borgo Condè Wine Resort, in the countryside of Romagna in the province of Forlì: a corner of paradise where the hectic pace of everyday life can slow down thanks to its well-being experience.

The starting point and the leitmotif of the entire resort is wine: from the work buzzing in the vineyards surrounding the dozens of hectares, to the sublimation of the raw material in the cellar, where the combination of steel technology and the tradition of wood gives birth to wines of excellent quality. The rural history of these lands meets the wish to relax of those who visit these area in a reserved, luxurious accommodation where time seems to slow down silently. The 110 hectares of land that have been restored and transformed into thriving vineyards create a frame for the hotel, which fits into the category of old renovated houses that offer a new concept of hospitality, one of the first types of accommodation that has become popular in our country.

Borgo Condè Wine Resort embodies the visionary idea, the intuitions and the wine-making passion of Francesco Condello, who was born in a family of wine producers and has fostered this vocation of his since early childhood. An historical crop of Sangiovese, next to a Merlot one, albeit more limited, helped the company founded by Condello in 2001 reach an international level. The resort opened in 2014, to combine excellence in hospitality, food and wine in just one place. The restoring project involved four historic villas and one main building, which resulted in 38 suites and two rooms with 180 seats. Each environment is unique, with broad spaces embellished by custom-made furnishings and the works of local artists and artisans which draw light from large glass windows overlooking the vineyards. A time to dream, to get lost in long walks and bike rides, but also to treat yourself to exclusive wellness in the spa of the resort and to enjoy different interpretations of the cuisine of Romagna in the three restaurants of the hotel.

The excellence of the resort finds a significant expression through taste, from the most traditional flavours to a more sophisticated and updated cuisine. «L’Osteria», «Il Sangiovese» and «Il Borgo» are three extremely different realities that offer three different concepts of the typical food of Romagna. L’Osteria is a refined, familiar restaurant, made all the more special with its large glass window overlooking the hills. The kitchen of the Osteria rediscovers the authentic flavours of the traditional cuisine of Romagna: the goal is to make the food and wine history of the region known and appreciated, offering no avant-garde, modern dishes, but lots of hand-drawn pasta and seasonal food. The same goes for Sangiovese, where the menu offered by chef Mario Defilippo finds its best expression in this more intimate and private atmosphere, with a view of the Condé vineyards. Finally, the Borgo is the perfect restaurant to taste a refined menu in a polished environment. A pleasant fireplace will warm the restaurant in the fall, while the terrace in the gardens of the Borgo is available during the summer months for those who want to feel the hill breeze during their meal. The dishes offered by the chef of the Il Borgo restaurant represent the evolution of the culinary tradition of Emilia-Romagna; tasting menus are available as well, carefully created in accordance to seasonal food. Traditional dishes are seen through a modern perspective, enhancing and shaping the typical gastronomic products to let customers discover new flavours and sensations... Because food and wine do not feed only the body: at Il Borgo, they feed the soul above all.

The villas, suites and rooms, carefully furnished to every last detail and embellished by our classic mixers, with refined features that highlight the romantic feel of the rooms, embody a sort of ancient charm. Condé is a proper refuge, an oasis of peace and serenity where even a short business trip can turn into a unique, relaxing experience, thanks to the unconventional architecture of the meeting rooms. As if it were not enough, the scenery is incredibly poetic: many spouses choose Condé to celebrate an exclusive wedding. After all, what is not to love and dream about in this fairytale location? It is indeed true that time slows down at Borgo Condé Wine Resort: a natural rhythm rules over every activity, transport is slow, either on foot, by bicycle or on horseback... and then during the grapes harvest sommeliers guide the guests through the vineyards, in the emerald green of the hills and in Sangiovese wine ruby red. The path is composed of soft and enveloping manual skills to share unforgettable moments. Relax, nature and taste: Borgo Condé Wine Resort can ensure a confortable stay for all the senses and it's perfect for any target: sportsman, couples, families, experts in viticulture or groups of friends looking for comfort or wine and food experience. Certainly after this passionate description the desire to be captivated by the aromas, landscapes and atmosphere of this place is absolutely animated.