September, 2020

Assembly, quality control and packaging, 2 million and 600 thousand times a year.

In Nobili, highly qualified workers assemble 2,600,000 items per year on 23 assembly lines, supported by 20 product-marking laser stations operating after each product has passed all the strict quality controls. Each single line has robotic machines to take remedy against any small imperfections. Moreover, the entire production is systematically tested - either directly on the line, by means of a sophisticated automated systems, or at manual workstations - with water or air flows up to 6 bar, depending on the type of article. After that and next the packaging phase comes: this manual process enables the operators to check carefully the final correspondence of the product to the strict quality standards imposed by the company. Each line has a logistics system updated in real time, which constantly monitors the progress of the scheduled work and, where necessary, calls up the bills of materials of each individual model. The boxes for packaging is taken from a specific warehouse that contains over 630,000 different boxes in terms of shapes and sizes. Meanwhile, assembly instructions and the labels that will be part of each individual package are printed in another area of the assembly department. At the end of this process, the finished products are sent to the automated warehouse, in this way they are ready to be shipped to any corner of the world.