September, 2020

The final stage of the production process: high speed and total automation.

In Nobili, the back office, divided into two distinct areas for domestic and export markets, is located within the shipping department. This office manages customers’ personal data, order entry, assistance to the recipients of the goods, and customs procedures. This process is very fast and it can manage multiple orders at the same time: the staff evaluates and divides the orders and sends them electronically to the order pickers, who collect and transfer the goods to one of the 12 entry bays. In these positions, the employees insert the product boxes into the external packaging, which then embarks on a journey that includes various automated phases such as the labelling, to provide information relating to the order, the weighing, to check whether all the products ordered are included, and then, finally, the strapping. Subsequently, an automatic order picker picks up the packaging and places it on a pallet, in a clear and precise position. Finally, the pallet, which is customized according to the customer’s requests and protected by a transparent film, is ready to be shipped to its final destination. All subsequent operations are managed in compliance with the Incoterms rules, which unequivocally and without even the smallest possibility of error define every right and duty of the various legal entities involved in the operations of transferring goods from one nation to another.