September, 2020

An area designed and built to optimize customer service.

Every day, after assembly, testing and packaging, an average of 120 baskets, each with its own specific identification code and a second code that indicates its location, are placed inside the immense automatic warehouse by means of an automated bridge that connects the two departments. This area, optimised according to strict organisational criteria, houses 40 four-storey lines and allows 12,400 baskets Europallet to be stored, for a fully loaded capacity of over 1.24 million products. Moreover, it is supported by a very advanced management system with terminals connected in radio frequency, thus optimising order filling times, and consequently significantly improving customer service. The order pickers receive the order, specifying the items to be picked, on their on-board terminal. The management system is then informed of the items picked through a reading of the bar codes affixed to each individual product package, thus providing real time data on the quantities of stock stored for each individual item. Finally, a part of the warehouse is dedicated to the company’s communication material: all printed matter, from catalogues to price lists, are stored and coded following the same procedure as the products. By this important choice we can say it is possible to optimise and speed up our customer service by forwarding the products and their related literature all together at once in a single shipment.