Ligurian flavour


It’s instant, a 360° love: the intuitive spirit of Levante suggests its comfort and convenience. The hand shower’s vast range of action, located in the opposite position to conventional mixers, and the ease with which it can be picked up with one hand thanks to its magnetic anchorage, permit total freedom of movement on the sink surface.


A mixer created with the sea and nature in mind cannot fail to protect the environment. Opening the supply directly to cold water prevents the boiler from turning on and releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, while the flow limiter brakes the opening of the lever, helping to reduce water waste.


A view of the sea at Riomaggiore, a coastal stretch in one of Liguria's most beautiful Mediterranean areas. A sea with crystal-clear waters, beaches and jagged coastlines with unparalleled charm combine with paths that drop steeply on the horizon. In 1997, the Cinque Terre became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


A pure, well-defined jet, commanded by the most spontaneous of motions of the lever, which, opening in cold water and suggesting a decreased flow by offering gentle resistance halfway through its travel, expresses a definite attitude toward the environment. Immediate and precise, it represents the most instinctive use of water in the washbasin.


A movement that reveals an all-encompassing thought, extending the usable area of the work surface. An expressiveness that preserves its delicacy and offers us the enjoyable sensation of feeling like great chefs, in our own homes. The bypass control on the hand shower, activated by the pressure of the hand, shifts the spray jet to help busy cooks in the kitchen.


In the colourful, hospitable coastal towns of the Riviera ligure of Levante, time seems to stand still. Surrounded by enchanting shades of blue and green hills dropping steeply down to the sea, with a different sunset every evening. This is where I took my first steps and began to discover the world, holding my grandfather’s reassuring hand. This is where my earliest memories are set, among the fishermen’s nets and little fishing boats painted in the local colours. White, sometimes with blue stripes, or with a strip of wood left unpainted just below the rim and a thin yellow or red line to mark the waterline. There they stood, immobile, bow toward the sea, staring at the horizon as if anxiously waiting for someone to come and take them out to sea, to bring them to life. It’s lovely to close your eyes and give yourself up to your memories. Now, everything has a different flavour.

Marco Venzano


In 1989, the Sunday Times made this the title of the lead article in its feature on Italian taste, “The Taste of Italy”. The world was falling in love with basil and its unique fragrance, dreaming of promontories over the sea, of the sound of breaking waves and the summer breeze... pesto is more than just a sauce: a flag recognised the world over as belonging to Italy, and to a region with totally different gastronomic traditions from the rest of northern Italy, telling a story of simplicity, passion and mastery and creating unique sensory experiences unmatched anywhere else in the world.


Dop basil leaves, 50 g
Extra virgin olive oil, 100 ml
Parmigiano reggiano dop, 70 g
Pecorino sardo dop, 30 g
Garlic, 2 "spicchi"
Pine nuts, 15 g
Coarse salt, q.b.

For an excellent pesto, work the ingredients at room temperature and as quickly as possible: exposure to oxygen causes oxidation.


Rinse basil in cold water and place on a dish towel to drain. In the meantime, peel garlic and crush in a mortar with a few grains of coarse salt, aiming for a creamy consistency. Add pine nuts, basil leaves, and a few more grains of coarse salt, and grind with a gently rotary motion of the pestle, turning the mortar in the opposite direction, pulling it by its traditional “ears”. Add parmigiano reggiano and pecorino sardo, a bit at a time, while continuing to blend, and finally drizzle in the olive oil. Blend well to obtain a smooth sauce.


The recipe for this sauce which has made Liguria famous the world over dates back to the mid 19th-century, but it seems to be based on a much older recipe, known as “aggiadda”, a garlic-based sauce dating back to the 13th century. There are plenty of legends about the origins of the sauce, from the one about the friar on the hills above Genoa who collected herbs that grew on the hill to the story in Virgil’s Bucolics (39 B.C.) in which the peasant Similus dines on focaccia covered with “moretum”, a sauce containing coriander, rue, parsley and cheese ground in a mortar and mixed with olive oil.


To suit the different styles of the most modern kitchens, Levante is available in different surface finishes: the absolute coldness and austerity of the Inox stainless steel shade gives a marked personality to the mixer and accentuates the character of its clean and minimal lines. The spectacular brushed effect highlights the technical state-of-the-art of our production processes.


The warm and velvety Velvet black finish is a pure tribute to the iconic and minimalist face of Levante: the elegance and sensuality of this shade is an intense expression of a charm capable of perfectly matching the different styles of kitchen spaces and the most refined and trendy sink tops.


Levante houses a unique technological jewel, the Nobili Widd® immersion cartridge: designed and manufactured in the Nobili Technology Centre, it achieves first-class eco-sustainability goals, helping to save water and energy. The top quality materials used guarantee maximum comfort and unequalled reliability.



The new Red canyon PVD and Diamond smoke PVD finishes, with their bright and striking tones, ensure high technical performance thanks to a state-of-the-art, scratch and wear-resistant surface treatment, ideal for preserving the mixer's spectacular appearance.


Mediterranean look and feel, starting with the preface in local dialect, Levante's documentation is a tribute to its designer's homeland. A simple but decisive graphic style animates the story, delivering a fresh and engaging result: the insert dedicated to pesto, printed on natural paper, contains the recipe and methods of preparation of the most famous Ligurian sauce in the world.


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